The Chosen

12 April 2021

The Chosen   Joanne Soviner

The final week of the school holiday is here – how time flies, especially during holidays. I hope you all had a good Easter and learned the true meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, to behold the Man, and

Sticks and Stones

5 April 2021

Sticks and Stones   Samantha Wy

I do not doubt that we have all been hurt by things our friends, and even family, have said or done. We all experience it to varying degrees. You might be dealing with it almost every day or maybe not

Body Positivity vs. Body Neutrality

29 March 2021

Body Positivity vs. Body Neutrality   Vivienne Han

For most, if not all of us, appearance is something we’ve struggled with. At a certain age, we become aware of, or even obsessed with how we look, pushing ourselves to prove our worth to everyone. This might not just

The Everyday Sin

22 March 2021

The Everyday Sin   Elaine Tambunan

It’s already late, but fortunately, you’re still upbeat and energetic! Good thing too, because there’s a maths test coming up and it’s pretty important that you take some time to study the material. Everything is set up nice and neat

The Blessing of Parents

15 March 2021

The Blessing of Parents   Jeremy Sangtoki

In my life, I can say one of the most incredible things or people that I am most thankful for is – by no doubt – my parents. I am extremely and exceedingly grateful for what they have done for

The Battle of Identities

8 March 2021

The Battle of Identities   Joanne Soviner

It was a Wednesday afternoon, 3 weeks ago, when Ms. K walked into our classroom and probed this question to the class: ‘Who are you?’ There were many answers from my classmates. Some answered, ‘I am a human being’, some

Life on Repeat

1 March 2021

Life on Repeat   Samantha Wy

Living the life of a student – a routine we’re all very much familiar with. The usual day starts bright and early in the morning. We get ready for school, we go to school, we get back home, study, have

The School of Suffering

22 February 2021

The School of Suffering   Elaine Tambunan

All of us have dreamt (or might even still be dreaming!) about being among the honored few that are enrolled into a certain prestigious school. Why do we want to enter these? The reasons vary, from their high rankings, to

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