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Mondays 4-8 PM during the school term
at Northside Chatswood Salvation Army


"The RE Gen-Z Study Centre is really good!
I hope you do this program till I graduate high school :)"
Year 9 Student, 2022

The RE Gen-Z Study Centre is an open study environment—free without cost—with the aim to create a thriving community of high school students who excel not only in their academic studies, but also in becoming lifelong all-rounded learners. We offer study spaces, homework help, RE-Vision sessions, workshops, seminars and many more.

In 2023, we are excited to announce Maths and English tuition classes!

Math Classes (Year 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 Advanced)

In our mathematics classes, our students are challenged to think critically and deeply about mathematical concepts. Our students are introduced to topics that might not have been covered in school, and are provided with extended questions that support the development of their problem solving skills. 

Nevertheless, our students are also supported in consolidating their learning and building their foundational numeracy skills. We understand the diversity of our students and try our best to tailor our lessons to our students’ learning needs. We strive to provide effective and timely feedback to both students and their carers that reflect each students’ learning growth.

English Classes (Year 7/8 & 9/10)

Our English classes are aimed at improving the student’s soft skills through a special curriculum designed by our tutors. In Term 2, we will continue to develop our writing and critical analysis skills from Term 1 as we look into persuasive and visual texts. 

Term 2 will comprise of 9 teaching weeks with each class consisting of 5-8 students. Each week homework will be provided and our tutors are dedicated to providing personalised feedback.

Along with ongoing tutor support, students will also have access to tailored resources created by our team of tutors.
Math and English Classes tuition fees.

The RE Gen-Z Study Centre if not-for-profit. As a Christian organisation, we hope to provide our services as affordable as possible for the good of the broader community. However, each tuition class will cost $100 per term.

This low price is to cover admission costs. With it, we ask for a commitment to learning and attendance from both students and parents. 

Note: the first two “trial” weeks of classes are free, however, payment details will be sent out if you wish to continue joining the class for the rest of the term. Happy learning!

Meet Our Tutors


Hans is a HSC high achiever (99.65 ATAR) currently studying a Bachelor of Music (Orchestral conducting). He tutors Maths, English, Physics and Music.


Tim is a 3rd year Bachelor of Chemical Engineering student. He tutors all your STEM subjects: Maths, Chemistry and Physics.


Samantha A is a 4th year Bachelor of Laws/Commerce student. She tutors English and would love to proofread your papers and provide feedback!


Mahiera is a Maths teacher who is currently pursuing a Masters of Teaching, specialising in Secondary Mathematics. She’s ready for all your Maths questions!


Ivana is a 1st year Bachelor of Science  student, aiming to pursue a Masters in Nursing. She tutors Maths and Chemistry.


Samantha W is a 1st year Bachelor of Science student. She tutors Maths and is also passionate in Biology and Music!


Dorothy is a 2nd year Bachelor of Science student, majoring in Maths. When she’s not teaching, feel free to ask her your Physics questions!


Gabriella is a 3rd year Bachelor of Computer Science student working as an Associate Software Engineer. She tutors Maths and would love to help out on IST/SDD too.


William is a graduate Bachelor of Computer Science student. He’s a graph-nerd, so you can ask him anything related to Maths or Physics (and anything in between)!

And look out for the friendly faces below!


Rachel is a recent Bachelor of Nursing graduate. When she’s not busy practicing in the field, she would love to help you with Biology and English!


Jayden is a 1st year Bachelor of Education student who is very passionate in sports! Come to him for all your PDHPE related questions.

Other services we provide

RE-Vision Sessions & homework help

RE-Vision sessions are one hour sessions designed for revising or preparing for school assessments. Students are able to book these sessions each week and a tutor will be assigned to each session.

Homework help is available during Study Centre opening hours. Tutors are always happy to help at any time.

Both RE-Vision sessions and homework help remain free of charge.

Workshops and Seminars

Throughout the year, special workshops and seminars are held focusing on co-curricular skills, career information and study skills.

Some examples from 2022 include, 

Objection your honour! Law workshop

– Biomedical Engineering: Bionic Arm Challenge

– Why School is Boring and The Lost Art of Learning Seminar

Don’t forget to register and reach out if you have any questions!

Phone: Rachel (0431 587 908)


Instagram: @regeneration_z

Term 2 2023 Classes Registration

RE-Vision Sessions Booking Form

Our Location

Corner Archer St & Johnson St, Chatswood, NSW, 2067.

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