The Triumph of Modernity

20 June 2022

The Triumph of Modernity   Vivienne Han

Many believe that Christianity and modernity are like oil and water. How can we maintain a Christian life, yet still be alive and somewhat ‘normal’ within society? In this week’s article we’ll discuss how it is to be a Christian in a Post-Modern world.

Order Of Salvation

13 June 2022

Order Of Salvation   Samantha Winata

Monergism and Synergism. Two words that most of us probably haven’t come across before. Even if you have, they’re not words you would normally use. But what do these words mean and what do they have to do with us? In this article, we will unpack and explore these two theological terms.

“Fitting in” with Society

6 June 2022

“Fitting in” with Society   Erin Kurnia

Are you always worried about what others would think of you if you are very different to others? As Christians, we already have to expect that we are different to the world since we are made to be set apart from the world. The problem is who we value more: ourselves, or God. Are you willing to sacrifice your personal desires, friends, for God who is eternal?

The Untold Story of C.T. Studd – The Cricketer turned Missionary

30 May 2022

The Untold Story of C.T. Studd – The Cricketer turned Missionary   Ethan Chow

Sometimes it’s difficult to find our calling. Even as we start to work, sometimes it’s hard to see how we can use our job or even our talents for God. Even though it’s hard to find this, it is there, waiting to be found. Let’s see how this man, C.T. Studd found his calling and listened to it.

The Game of Chess

23 May 2022

The Game of Chess   Emily Santoso

Chess is a game that I love. It is a fascinating game that gets you thinking. Every move you do counts, from the very start of the game to your opening. But, to play chess, you must first know and

The Lynch Pin

16 May 2022

The Lynch Pin   Reginella Lapenna

Every one of us has something or someone which our lives revolve around. The one thing that holds us together, the ‘lynch pin’ which stops us from falling apart. Will we be willing to accept Christ as that missing piece in our lives?

The Reality of Sin

9 May 2022

The Reality of Sin   Eliana Tambunan

What is sin? If you search it up, Google defines sin as “an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.” A transgression is basically an act that goes against a rule or law. But what law do

The Battle

2 May 2022

The Battle   Samantha Wy

We are at war.  We are soldiers at war.  This war is not like the other wars happening over the world currently, not like the wars happening in Ukraine or Yemen. This war goes beyond our physical bodies; it is

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