Moving Forwards

24 January 2022

Moving Forwards   Ivana Santoso

It is nearly the end of the first month of 2022! Time goes very fast and thinking about it makes us feel uneasy. In today’s article we will be exploring 2 questions that we should ask ourselves today.

Keep in Step

17 January 2022

Keep in Step   Samantha Wy

What plans do you have for yourself? What do you want to do in university? What career do you want to get into? What do you see yourself doing in the next ten years? Tragically, we are swept up in

Seize The Year

10 January 2022

Seize The Year   Vivienne Han

As we begin to settle into the new year and still feel the rush of motivation to better ourselves, there are 5 habits that I’d like to take you through in today’s article.

A New Year, A New Path?

3 January 2022

A New Year, A New Path?   Elaine Tambunan

Happy New Year, everyone!!
As our lives takes a new turn, it’s easy to wonder what else will change on this journey we’re on. Will our joy change? Or our light? Or our path?

Another year ending…

27 December 2021

Another year ending…   Eliana Tambunan

We’re nearly there. Only a few more days until the end of 2021, and we enter the new year of 2022.  Looking back at this year, 2021 definitely came with unexpected turns, especially with COVID and lockdown. Just like every

What Friends Are For

20 December 2021

What Friends Are For   Joanne Soviner

Friendships and dating are significant for teenagers. However, we’re often oblivious of how the world has twisted our ideals towards them. To end our series on teen relationships, we’ll reflect on how God should always be the centre of our friendships and future romantic relationships.

The Importance of Family

13 December 2021

The Importance of Family   Jeremy Sangtoki

Family, you know, the people that you kinda see every day. One day you might love them to bits, but other times they might be the last people you want to see. Family is important, and many of you know that, but what really is the point of family?

God and Me

6 December 2021

God and Me   Samantha Wy

Who or what do you put your faith in? When your world turns upside down, what is it you cling to? In seconds our life could be flipped upside down, and our time on earth could end at any given

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