Pride, The Original Sin

27 November 2023

Pride, it’s the ‘original sin’ that has affected humanity since the dawn of sin. But what even is pride and why make such a big deal out of it? Is pride really a bad thing, or is the Bible just making it seem worse than it is?

From Slavery in Sin to Alive in Christ

20 November 2023

Freedom. Free choice, free country, free food (yay!), free for all. It’s a word we often toss around, but fail to realise just how much gravity it holds. If we know that Christ has freed us through His death, but what is it exactly that He is freeing us from? And what is it that He frees us for?
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Purposeful and Persistent Prayer

13 November 2023

What do we often pray about? Maybe for good grades, our future career, or perhaps even for a godly spouse. But prayer shouldn’t simply be asking God to fulfil our needs or heart’s desires. Instead, our prayers should ultimately point back to God’s will and glory. I hope we can learn together to pray with purpose and persistence!

What’s The Gossip?

6 November 2023

Gossip is something we’ve all probably engaged in. It’s enticing, exciting and entertaining, but behind all the glamour is an underlying destructive force that we’re all unaware of.

Obedience: Absurd, Marvelous and Beautiful

30 October 2023

What does it mean to obey God? Obeying God is a topic many struggle with. It’s confusing and oftentimes is hard to understand. Does God want me to do this or that? Why do I even need to follow what God wants? This article is here to guide you through this absurd yet marvelous and beautiful topic.

Salvation: The Ultimate Love Song

23 October 2023

Growing up in this secular world, we have constantly been fed this ‘oh-what-a-feeling’ kind of idea when it comes to the notion of love. Through the countless books we read, dramas we watch, and especially the music we listen to; the question of “What is love?” is answered – but on the basis of our mortal understanding.

The Fearful Life

16 October 2023

What’s your biggest fear? It may be hard to choose just one (for me, I’m torn between hairy millipedes and bad grades), but here’s a more difficult question: why do we have to fear in the first place? Is all fear bad? And how do we find the courage to push past our fears, whether in ministry, school, or everyday life?
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Devotion—The Tedious Task

9 October 2023

What are devotions even for? We’ve heard how we’ve got to read the bible daily, meditate on His word, and how this is the only way to fight against the devil’s schemes. We know all of this to be true. But it just never feels true.

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