The Shortest Article

18 October 2021

The Shortest Article   Ivana Santoso

Today’s article consists of one paragraph that has 5 sentences. It won’t take you much time to read it, but there is something important in this article. Enjoy!

Pride: the Universal Disease

11 October 2021

Pride: the Universal Disease   Samantha Wy

At one point or another, we’ve all struggled with pride — myself included. Pride is definitely still a struggle I face at times. From our achievements to our self-image, pride can be hard to spot, and it takes so many

Living The Work Life

4 October 2021

Living The Work Life   Vivienne Han

As the holiday comes to an end, with school starting just around the corner, what comes to your mind? I’ve been thinking about it for the past few days, here’s what’s been going through my mind: I have to wake

No small sacrifice

27 September 2021

No small sacrifice   Elaine Tambunan

Throughout both the Old Testament, New Testament, and even in our everyday, sacrifices are a common concept.
But often, our understanding of sacrifices merely scratch the surface. Find out more in today’s article!

Wearying Worrying

20 September 2021

Wearying Worrying   Eliana Tambunan

Worrying. It’s something that we’ve all experienced, and will in the future. However, how should we deal with our worries- and who should we turn to? What does the Bible say about worrying?

Against The Current

13 September 2021

Against The Current   Joanne Soviner

We may think “If everyone else is doing it, that means it’s right”. As Christians, our standard shouldn’t be the majority, but God’s Word. Yes, we’ll be the minority. Yes, it is hard. But it’s essential and worth the struggle.

The Problem of Procrastination

6 September 2021

The Problem of Procrastination   Jeremy Sangtoki

I’m sure you guys are familiar with procrastination, its the action of delaying or postponing something. Procrastination will grow on you if you don’t do anything against it. In this article we will understand deeper of the problem of procrastination.

Losing Motivation

30 August 2021

Losing Motivation   Ivana Santoso

Motivation. It’s something we all have lost somewhere in lockdown. Whether it’s because of the never-ending list of things to do, or maybe, the total opposite, you are bored, with nothing to do.

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