6 March 2023

What is the purpose of life? I’m sure that many of us sit here and ask ourselves the big questions: what are we here for? Or at least, we’ll sit there aimlessly, with no goal or aim for ourselves, letting

Seeking New Pastures

27 February 2023

The reality for most teens is that often times when we reflect on our home lives, we are led to believe that it is all that shapes our identity. But what about those who don’t have the privilege of having the stability of a ‘conventional’ family? Who else could possibly fill the sense of belonging we crave or provide us with a stable foundation for our identity?

Now, Not Later

20 February 2023

Procrastination. It’s our generation’s infamous struggle. We can’t seem to stop, and it’s frustrating – why does our heart long to indulge in every worldly pleasure out there, instead of doing the tasks we actually need to do? It’s time to face the reality of this sinful habit.

Gen-Z And Loneliness

13 February 2023

My fellow Gen-Z’s, we have an existential crisis in our generation; It’s Loneliness. Although we’re considered the largest generation in history, research shows that Generation Z is where loneliness is most prominent. Our society has tried to address this issue with Instagram, Tik Tok and the like. But can a single friend request solve our current dilemma?

Episode 6: “I AM Who I AM”

9 February 2023

Episode 6: “I AM Who I AM” At one point, Moses was Egyptian royalty. But seeing the suffering of his own people, he could no longer take it. He killed an Egyptian official out of rage yet pity for

Your Unhealthy Love-Hate Relationship with Technology

6 February 2023

When was the last time you got yourself stuck scrolling through Tiktok, binge-watching YouTube, or trying to beat the next level in your favourite game; only to be frustrated with the guilt of wasting your time away, and then distracting

Episode 5: God’s Attributes

3 February 2023

Episode 5: God’s Attributes With all that’s been said, if we want to know God, we can do so by studying what the Bible reveals about who God is, God’s character and attributes. Maybe you’ve heard people say God is

Another Year, Another Opportunity

31 January 2023

The school year is starting once again, and with all the sudden busyness of life, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important in our life – our goal.

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