The Three Signs of A Christian

20 May 2024

Almost everywhere we go, we’re confronted with signs that tell us exactly what lies inside – all the way from KFC to McDonalds. But what about the signs of a Christian?

Reality of Suffering

29 April 2024

A familiar question I am sure everyone has asked at some point in their lives is: “If God is so good, why does he allow suffering to happen?” But I want to ask a question back in response: Are we asking the right question?

On Talents

18 March 2024

Sometimes, it seems that our talents are seemingly random and it only depends on how much our parents push us from a young age. Or are talents more than just ‘things we’re good at’?

Wisdom or Knowledge?

19 February 2024

What’s wisdom? What’s knowledge? Is there even a difference? Let’s look at several verses in the Bible to unpack what wisdom is, its importance, and how to become wiser. After reading, you may even be surprised to find out how we’ve been missing the importance of wisdom in our lives!

With Great Privilege Comes Great Responsibility

12 February 2024

When we receive the privilege of being God’s child, we take the responsibility of choosing faith over fear. His love for us has been set into our hearts, so it is our responsibility to share it with others, to help others with their relationship with God, and to set His name on high in our everyday lives.

Back to the Battlefield

30 January 2024

In the blink of an eye, the summer holidays have come to an end, signifying a new start to the school year. As we re-enter the busyness of routine, it is easy to fall into temptation or neglect our faith. This year, may we not lose sight of our true calling as Christian students.

Paradoxes and Promises

22 January 2024

Throughout the Bible, there are countless paradoxes that pop up in both strange and wonderful ways – from the virgin birth to Christ’s Beautitudes. In today’s article, we’ll be exploring two particular contrasts that hold immense truth, and explore what they mean for our lives right here and now.

The Christian Leader

15 January 2024

What does it mean to be a leader, particularly a Christian one? Oftentimes, the values of a Christian can get lost and mixed up with other ideologies. So, let’s turn back to the Bible and see what being a Christ-like leader really means.

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