Contentment in the Wilderness

25 July 2022

Do you often find yourself complaining about the many little unpleasant things that happen in your life? Whenever something doesn’t go our way, our first impulse is to complain. However, we both should and can choose gratitude, and practise giving thanks even in our teenage years.

Humility in Maturity

18 July 2022

How would you rate your spiritual maturity from one to ten? Maturity must come with humility, because without humility, we can never come to know the truth. In this article, we will explore the importance of the humility in maturity.

Lost in Details

11 July 2022

Life is complicated and it’s no question that we forget what we do things for. We often forget what our end goal is and end up getting caught in the small details. Together, let’s remember our sole goal and reflect on what we are doing.

Solace in Silence

5 July 2022

The Scriptures specifically reminds us that in our sorrows and loneliness, the only answer we seek is only found in Jesus, the only person who could possibly understand our loneliness. Its a treasure only discovered in Christ.

Habits and Temptations

27 June 2022

Habits are something we do subconsciously in our daily lives, from waking up early to doing homework just as we get home. While habits are something we should aim to strive for in our lives, sinful habits are something we should be wary of. How can we make habits that will benefit our lives, and how do we get out of the cycle of destructive ones? In this article, we will explore the dangers of habitual sins and temptations, and learn to make ones that will be valuable for our lives.

The Triumph of Modernity

20 June 2022

Many believe that Christianity and modernity are like oil and water. How can we maintain a Christian life, yet still be alive and somewhat ‘normal’ within society? In this week’s article we’ll discuss how it is to be a Christian in a Post-Modern world.

Order Of Salvation

13 June 2022

Monergism and Synergism. Two words that most of us probably haven’t come across before. Even if you have, they’re not words you would normally use. But what do these words mean and what do they have to do with us? In this article, we will unpack and explore these two theological terms.

“Fitting in” with Society

6 June 2022

Are you always worried about what others would think of you if you are very different to others? As Christians, we already have to expect that we are different to the world since we are made to be set apart from the world. The problem is who we value more: ourselves, or God. Are you willing to sacrifice your personal desires, friends, for God who is eternal?

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