New Year Resolution: Knowing God Urgently

1 January 2023

New Year Resolution: Knowing God Urgently   New Year, New Resolution It’s a New Year and with New Years comes new resolutions. This year, I’ve made two personal and very practical resolutions. To read the whole Bible in a

Flight of the Sparrow

13 December 2022

We all know that every memorable thing that happens in our lives is only possible through God’s providence. But we often forget that He is present even in the smallest of details, the same way He cares for the movements of a sparrow. Good and bad, big or small, we must always stay faithful to His plan and only when looking at the past can we see the fruits of our obedience.

The Hope Amidst Our Loneliness

7 December 2022

Despite having easy access to social interactions online and off, our generation faces the major problem of loneliness. In this article, let’s explore how God’s providence links to loneliness, and how He is our source of hope, comfort and strength.


22 November 2022

As human beings, we all have our own struggles and afflictions, but how do we, as Christians and Children of God deal with them?

Happiness and God. Where do I fit?

8 November 2022

Do you ever wonder where you can find the things that will make you happy? Did you know, that nothing in this world can really satisfy us to the full. We can only find that happiness in something else that is of infinite value…. God.

Praying in Providence

8 November 2022

When it comes to the topic of God’s providence and sovereignty, the word ‘prayer’ isn’t likely to be at the top of the list. But the role of providence in prayer is unbelievably essential.

Hope we can all read (or listen!) and learn together in this second discussion of our topic of ‘Providence’.

Providence: Our Powerful, Sovereign, Active and Purposeful God

29 October 2022

Listen to Hans read this article What does our God have to do with the xylem inside that celery stick you cut up in biology? What does He have to do with the battles of ancient Rome you learnt about

Loving Rebuke

17 October 2022

When it comes to rebuke, in reality, no one likes it. However, we must learn to accept rebuke, it’s one of the most loving acts someone can do to you, and me. We must thank the people in our lives that love us enough to rebuke us – make every one of them count.

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