The Ticket to Heaven

17 July 2023

Are you saved? This simple three word question is one that many people wrestle with all their lives – they never find the answer. Often, Christians new and old don’t even understand what it means to be saved. This article is here to try and guide you through this challenging topic.

Sowing Gospel Seeds

12 July 2023

In increasingly secularist society, merely mentioning religion in a conversation seems daunting and awkward enough, let alone evangelising. Despite many misconceptions and fears, God calls Christian teenagers to evangelise. So wherever we are in our life’s contexts, in full reliance to God, let us start sowing gospel seeds.

Hold Fast in your Faith, and be Contented in Him

5 July 2023

Finding contentment in God is hard, especially with all the suffering we experience in our lives. But is it truly our merit that helps us achieve it? How does faith play a part in this as well?

A Smile on His Face

19 June 2023

What makes you happy?
It’s pretty easy to come up with a long list.
Now, try to answer this: what makes God happy?
In today’s article, we’ll be discussing what exactly is happiness – and what this means to the story of salvation.

God’s Manifold Wisdom in our Ministry Work

14 June 2023

Unorthodox KTB In my teens KTB (the name of our cell groups at IREC Sydney), we frequently end up talking about many random things like how western media has so overtaken the entertainment world that we expect caucasian looking main


6 March 2023

What is the purpose of life? I’m sure that many of us sit here and ask ourselves the big questions: what are we here for? Or at least, we’ll sit there aimlessly, with no goal or aim for ourselves, letting

Seeking New Pastures

27 February 2023

The reality for most teens is that often times when we reflect on our home lives, we are led to believe that it is all that shapes our identity. But what about those who don’t have the privilege of having the stability of a ‘conventional’ family? Who else could possibly fill the sense of belonging we crave or provide us with a stable foundation for our identity?

Now, Not Later

20 February 2023

Procrastination. It’s our generation’s infamous struggle. We can’t seem to stop, and it’s frustrating – why does our heart long to indulge in every worldly pleasure out there, instead of doing the tasks we actually need to do? It’s time to face the reality of this sinful habit.

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