Are We The Chosen Ones?

25 April 2022

Are We The Chosen Ones?   Ivana Santoso

Have we ever wondered whether we are the chosen ones?

Many people, including me, ask this question often during the journey of our Christian lives. But do we really know what we are asking—and is it really the most important thing?

A Fork In The Road

19 April 2022

A Fork In The Road   Samantha Wy

We can only live one way or another.  With, or without God. Two ways to live, and two different paths to walk. So which one do we find ourselves travelling on at this point in our lives?  In the midst

One Word at a Time

11 April 2022

One Word at a Time   Eliana Tambunan

Life’s pretty repetitive.  Wake up in the morning, hurry to get dressed and eat breakfast, and then hurry out the door to make your way to school. Growing up in a Christian family, regularly going to church, and reading devotions,

What We Value

4 April 2022

What We Value   Emily Santoso

Have you ever wondered why money, something paperlike, so valued and important in one’s life? Just think about it, why is gold treasured so much? It’s just metal, or to be specific, less reactive metal. I’m sure there are plenty

When I’m Older

28 March 2022

When I’m Older   Elaine Tambunan

I’ll start when I’m older. When I’m more prepared and ready.” How many times have we made this excuse when we’re called to live devoted lives for God? Whether we feel unprepared, or insufficient, it’s then that we often forget that serving God isn’t something we’ll leave until later, but starts now.

A Life Devoted For God

21 March 2022

A Life Devoted For God   Karina Suryatenggara

Today’s society is pushing us further and further away from God and into sin’s hands. Why is it so hard to depart from such a sinful life and walk towards a godly one? How can we devote our lives to God?

A Truly Devoted Life

14 March 2022

A Truly Devoted Life   Ethan Chow

Seeing the recent invasion of Ukraine, people have devoted their lives to defending their country. But is that really what devotion is? What is a truly devoted life? More importantly, what does the Bible say?


7 March 2022

CARPE DIEM   Jayden Lim

Your talents and gifts are more than ‘hobbies’ or ‘activities that you are good at’; these gifts are all blessings given to us and have a purpose, which is to be used for the glory of God. As Teens, we must use such gifts to advance the kingdom of God, while also helping others and improving the world around us.

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