The Media We Breathe

23 August 2021

The Media We Breathe   Samantha Wy

We are the “tech-savvy” Gen-Z—the generation born and raised by the growing virtual world. Social media and technology have infiltrated every single aspect of our lives. We use technology for everything. It dominates our lives—whether we realise it or not.

You Won’t Make It Alone

16 August 2021

You Won’t Make It Alone   Vivienne Han

We’ve all had friends and endured the ups and downs of youthful friendship. The people we choose to be around affect our spirituality and mindset, so we must choose them wisely/

True Thanks

9 August 2021

True Thanks   Elaine Tambunan

The foundation of basic etiquette and the basis of common courtesy – no wonder saying ‘thank you’ towards our friends and family is hardwired in our brain. But can the same be said of our attitude towards God?

Does God Answer Prayer?

2 August 2021

Does God Answer Prayer?   Eliana Tambunan

We all know that life can be disappointing. Even when we’ve prayed, things don’t always go as we want them to be. But does that mean God doesn’t answer prayer?

Fully Forgiven

26 July 2021

Fully Forgiven   Joanne Soviner

Most of us have probably experienced hurt before, or been in situations that require us to forgive. In today’s article, we’ll learn the truth behind the world’s myths about forgiveness, and how to forgive others like God has first forgiven us.

The Call to Evangelise

19 July 2021

The Call to Evangelise   Jeremy Sangtoki

If Christ gave the perfect gift of His Word, wouldn’t you share it to others? We, as children of God are all called to evangelise. Christ has given us His word, died on the cross for our sins, Why aren’t we all sharing the word of God?

Out of Our Hands

12 July 2021

Out of Our Hands   Ivana Santoso

We are given so many graces and opportunities in this short life that we have. But at the same time, we have wasted many of them, and most of the time we don’t realise how precious these little things are until we lose them.

Burnt & Worn Out

5 July 2021

Burnt & Worn Out   Vivienne Han

As Christians who have received God’s grace, there is no doubt that we would naturally want to serve God. But because of sin, our idea of ministry can become flawed. Today’s article uncovers the common misconceptions of ministry, and how we must serve God with a renewed heart.

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