Life on Repeat

1 March 2021

Living the life of a student – a routine we’re all very much familiar with. The usual day starts bright and early in the morning. We get ready for school, we go to school, we get back home, study, have

The School of Suffering

22 February 2021

All of us have dreamt (or might even still be dreaming!) about being among the honored few that are enrolled into a certain prestigious school. Why do we want to enter these? The reasons vary, from their high rankings, to

Me and Myself

15 February 2021

When I was younger, about the age of 8, I would get agitated very quickly. Because I was disobedient, pursuing my selfish desire, my parents would always scold me. I would be angry, and I would hold that anger to

Growing Pains

8 February 2021

Today marks the start of the second week of school.How was your first week?  Some of you may be relieved that you are no longer stuck at home and super excited to see all your friends again. Some of you

What Lies Beneath

24 January 2021

“I want to be smart. I want to look good.I want to ‘fit in’. I want to have many friends.I want to be happy & successful.” What’s wrong with being smart? Isn’t it right for us to always strive for

The World’s Lies, God’s Truth. What’s Next?

20 January 2021

Binge-watching & The Good Doctor As soon as I got home from Teens camp, my brother and I decided to watch a The Good Doctor episode. For those who don’t know, The Good Doctor is an exciting drama depicting the

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