Bible Reading: Psalm 25

“Good and upright is the LORD, therefore he instructs sinners in the way” (Psalm 25:8)

Because God is good, upright, and faithful towards His chosen people, He will lead sinners in His way and teach the humble His way. 

Notice our condition — sinners. We are God’s enemies who have rejected His perfect ways and have chosen to live by our own ways. We rightly deserve God’s wrath and justice, yet He is willing to come to us, embrace us, and instruct us in His ways. 

As sinners, we were lost in our own ways. We walked in the darkness blindly and aimlessly. We had no sense of direction or purpose in this life. We did not know what was true, good or right. The paths that we forge for ourselves all lead to destruction and vanity. 

Yet, because the LORD is good and upright, He instructs sinners in the way. He guides His broken people through the valleys of death. He shows them the true path of life, one filled with everlasting joy in communion with Him. Like a shepherd, He leads His sheep back home. When we stray off the path, He gently guides us with His rod. 

Who is a God like our God? His ways are always full of steadfast love and faithfulness for His covenant children. He does not let us fall out of His reach. He always is working for our good, leading us to life everlasting. There is no wrong in Him, no evil. His love is unfathomable — why would He be so patient with sinners who are His enemies? 

Look towards Jesus incarnation this Christmas. He emptied Himself of all His glory and took the flesh of man. He came to associate with filthy sinners, to heal the sick, to free the demon-possessed, to eat with tax collectors and prostitutes. He did not leave them hanging, but He taught them the way. He taught them that there was eternal life in knowing the Father by knowing Christ. Ultimately, He walked, rejected and humiliated, to the cross, preparing the way Himself so that sinners who believe would be led in the way. 

He never leads His children astray. He is always faithful. Good and upright is the LORD.

Lord, thank You that You lead us, sinners, in Your way. Thank You that You care and love us beyond our comprehension. Forgive us for loving our own sinful way. Teach us Your ways, O Lord. Lead us in Your truth and teach us. Give us humble hearts and create in us loving hearts who love You and seek holiness. We ask in Jesus’ name, amen. 

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