Psalm 74

“Yet God my King is from old, working salvation in the midst of the earth” (Psalm 74:12)

The more we grow up, the more we see evil powers that reign within this world. As young children, we would have been scared of the dark, concocting for ourselves imagery of satanic creatures that lurked around us in the absence of light. However, as we mature, we will realise, it is not that kind of Satan we must fear. 

In Asaph’s time, the foe or enemy was presented in physical nations who blundered Israel and obliterated their culture, replacing it with pagan worship, vile morality, and detestable sinful lifestyles of the flesh. In lament, Asaph sang, “How long, O God, is the foe to scoff? Is the enemy to revile your name forever?” (Psalm 74:10).

This age, past are the days of physical warfare in common civilian lives; much more in European post-colonial settings such as Australia, where we live now. Justice, peace, and civil rights seem to be the general progression of such societies, and sure, there are many positive benefits. 

Yet, note this. The same Satan who lurked and tempted in the days of Asaph is still here today. He may not entice and attack through physical warfare. However, today’s battles of philosophy in mainstream culture are far heated. As Asaph described, Satan’s works are still relevant today. 

“They profaned the dwelling place of [God’s] name, bringing it to the ground” (Psalm 74:7). “A foolish people revile your Name” (Psalm 74:18). “For the dark places of the land are full of habitations of violence” (Psalm 74:20). 

Through postmodern philosophical agendas, Satan is actively trying to instil the profaning of God’s name and dwelling place. These destroying philosophies that invite a deconstructed or alternate truth are so evidently grounded in those around us, our schools, friend circles, and greater society. Through these, the wicked prevail to reign, gaining power after power. 

As Christians, we ought to conduct ourselves in the manner Asaph did. One thing that God wants us to learn is our nothingness and complete dependence on Him. There is no guarantee we will not fall into one of Satan’s many destructible traps in this age. They are bountiful, and we are weak. 

Apart from Christ, there is no hope for us and our generation. We can strive to be excelling and obedient to all we want. Yet, no one is good enough and strong enough to stand. The times are getting eviller, and it is just a matter of time before we ourselves fall into the pothole of this age. 

What and where is our hope? It is not in our own capability. It is not in any man, religious leader, or pioneer of faith you look up to. All are broken, weak, and prone to fall no matter how big of a spiritual name they receive in this world. And, the reality is, Satan is much bigger, more intelligent, and more diligent than we are. 

Our only hope is in our unchangeable Christ, in knowing that God is sovereign over all things, even evil and destruction in this world. God wants to process us, teach us to cling to him alone, uphold His promises and commands, and put our full trust and identity only in His truth. 

God is our rock and fortress, the “defend[er] of our cause”. Only in Him can we find unshakeable hope and security. Apart from Him, we are nothing. But, God is for His children. He does not forget His covenant with them. He is their King from Old and continues to work out His grand plan of salvation. 

Hope in God. Trust in Him. He will get us through the storms of life and the wars we will have to fight. Cling to Him because He is faithful, trustworthy, and ultimately sovereign over all creatures, restoring all things until that glorious day where God’s Kingdom will be made known in full. 

Lord, in a secular age where worldly philosophies bombard us with ways leading us against You, please help us keep the faith. We are weak and sinners. We cannot stand before You, and there is no way we can fight the evil powers which try to oppose Your name. Please help us and give us discernment. Help us trust in You and You alone. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

Hans Sangtoki (18) is the coordinator of RE Generation Z. He has a passion for serving his generation and sharing hope in Christ. He also has an interest in classical music and dreams of conducting an orchestra one day.

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