Have you ever read through the whole Bible? Do you find it hard to build consistency and get into a habit?

Starting from the 24th of May, we are going to keep each other accountable by reading through the ESV Everyday Bible. This Bible consists of readings from both the Old and New Testaments, allowing us to finish reading the whole Bible and the Psalms twice. If you are joining us, follow the following steps.

1. Get yourself a copy of the ESV Everyday Bible

For those in IREC Sydney teens, contact your KTB leader. Otherwise, you can buy a copy from one of the links below:

Reformers Bookshop



2. Join our Miro Post-It Note Board

Every day, I will be posting questions or reflection pointers for each passage appointed that day in the ESV Everyday Bible. All of us can sticker our initials to keep each other accountable. All of you can share your thoughts and what you are learning from each passage.

Join Miro link.

If you have any questions, contact Hans. Hope to see you on board!

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