Bible Reading: Matthew 25:14-30

“Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour” (Matthew 25:13)

The parable of the talents is probably a familiar story to all of us. All of us have God-given talents to be used for His Glory. We must find our talents and utilise their full potential because it is our responsibility to our God, who has brought us into His Kingdom. That is all true; however, upon reading this passage in context, there is a deeper meaning in this parable. 

As Jesus nears His crucifixion on the Mount of Olives, Jesus tells His disciples of what was going to happen after He left earth. In seriousness, Jesus described the end times to His disciples. It was going to be brutal and hard. Evil was going to reign and rule over society. Christians would be persecuted and harshly trialled; physically, mentally and spiritually. Yet, Jesus also spoke of His return in full power to confront the peak of evil in this world. 

Revealing the formidable future ahead, Jesus warned the disciples and taught them what it meant to be ready for His coming. He taught them the continuity of time and what it meant to be alert. Finding our talents and using our talents is not a question for future thought; it is a call to present action. Notice how the servant with five talents went “at once” to trade for five more talents (v. 16).

God has given us talents, and He has prepared good works for us that we might serve Him. Because of love, He bought this new life for us through His blood. However, the thing is, God gave us not only talents we might discover in the future, but He has given us talents and opportunities to serve today. Think about what can you do. Think about the opportunities you have right now in your life. First, we are all called to read God’s Word and to seek to know Him earnestly. Second, we are also called to be part of the local church not only as Sunday service-goers but as people in a community who pray for, encourage and serve the world and each other. Apart from these things, we are all also called to be students. We all are responsible for learning and giving our best to the ‘talent’ of school that God has given us. Still more, we are called to be a witness amongst our friends and family. Maybe even God has given us even more talents to serve in particular ministries in the church. 

In all these things, God calls for obedience now. The parable of the talents is a call to action today because we are in the end times. The world is growing in evil, and we do not know when Jesus is coming back or when He will take our lives and call us home. The question is, what will we be doing when that day comes? There is no way to be ready except to gear up now. Are we currently living in obedience to God in all aspects of our lives? God gives some one talent, others two and some even five. The thing in common is that God demands all to be sown and reaped. Have you made use of every talent and every opportunity to serve God in response to the grace and love He has lavished on us? Time is limited, and obedience is urgent. Where do we stand? Will God use our lives? 

We are the ones who need to put off our sins and obey God’s call. We are the ones who have to follow God starting from now. However, in our obedience, remember, it’s not by works that we are saved. Obedience does not yield salvation. On the other hand, If the gracious and almighty God has saved us, what reason do we have but to kneel in obedience to the King of our lives who have given us another chance of true life? To those who are found faithful, God will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little, I will set your over much. Enter into the joy of your Master” (Matthew 25:21). Who are those that will live wholly in obedience to God? It’s for those who seek to foretaste the real joy of the Master. 

Lord, thank You for the salvation that I find in Christ Jesus. Thank You for Your unfailing and overflowing love towards me. Lord, the times are near. The seconds are ticking. Please let you use my one life. Help me live up to my calling, which You have given me today. Help me to read Your word and get to know You. Help me to be a part of the church community. May there be a genuine revival and spiritual growth within Your church. Help me be a witness to my friends and family in my everyday life, and help me serve You through the ministries You have entrusted to me. Hold my commitment from today, Lord, and when the day comes, may I be able to hear You say, “good and faithful servant”. Thank You, God. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Hans Sangtoki (18) is the coordinator of RE Generation Z. He has a passion for serving his generation and sharing hope in Christ. He also has an interest in classical music and dreams of conducting an orchestra one day.

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