Bible Reading: Psalm 5

“Lead me, O LORD, in your righteousness because of my enemies; make your way straight before me” (Psalm 5:8)

Those who walk close to God pray vastly different from us. Prayer is not only a vent for us to ask for God’s blessings and help. God knows what we need before we ask Him. Prayer is communion with God, learning to trust Him and walk with Him. 

See David’s heart attitude when he comes to pray in verses 1-3. His heart pleads and anticipates God to respond in His mercy. Not only that, he came preparing his prayers, arranging them as one would arrange sacrifices on the altar. Then, he waited and watched for God to respond. When was the last time we took prayer seriously? Maybe the better question to ask was when was the last time we had anything serious to pray about? 

To us, serious things to pray about might include praying for relatives who fall seriously ill or for friends who are going through tough times. Although these things are serious, those close to God make serious in prayer what is serious to God. 

David prays that evil men would be shunned and God would lead the righteous in His paths. This is the essence of God’s own heart and desire. God is a Holy God, and He abhors sin and hates all evildoers. Wickedness is an abomination in His sight that deserves the coming of His full wrath. Yet, God is also a loving God and shows His abundant mercy to His children. God’s forgiveness and faithfulness to restore His chosen people from their wickedness are lavish and abundant. He longs to lead His children so that they can enjoy true fellowship with Him in holiness. 

These are the things that David prays for with seriousness and a begging heart before God. David prays that God would not forsake those who have believed and trusted in God. David pleads not on the basis that God’s children have any merit in themselves to be called righteous. Instead, David pleads his case by clinging to God’s promise that God would be faithful in His steadfast love. 

At the same time, David prays that God would punish the wicked. David understood God’s holiness in a way we don’t. David understood what it meant to walk with God, which is evident in His prayers. What is the content of our prayers, and what do they show about our relationship with God? 

Lord, teach us to pray! Teach us to pray according to Your will. Bring us to know You and bring us into fellowship with You each day. Lead us, Lord, and remember Your steadfast love. Do not let the evil stand, but may You lead Your people to worship You. We pray in Jesus’ name, amen. 

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