Bible Reading: Ephesians 6:10-20

“Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth” (Ephesians 6:14)

In Roman times, a soldier would wear a long red robe. When the battle cry called, the first piece of armour they would have to put on would be their belt. They needed the belt to tuck in their robes so that they could run and fight. Without their belt, the soldiers would surely trip and fall before they made it to the enemies. 

Paul tells us the first piece of armour in the armour of God is the belt of truth. What is the belt of truth, and what is its necessity?

In our spiritual warfare against the devil, we are called to stand firm in God’s ways and reject our old sinful ways. The primary and foremost defensive piece of armour we must don is the belt of truth. Without it, we will trip and fall like the Roman soldier. 

The belt of truth talks about grounding our minds and deepest convictions in the truth of God’s Word. To put on the belt of truth is to make God’s truth the basis of all our thought, reasoning and beliefs. In other words, you could say to put on a worldview of the truth. This is vitally essential to the Christian who wants to stand firm in this battle. 

The truth is, in simple words, the actual reality of the matter. The truth is what actually takes place. You could fool your whole English class that your dog ate your homework. However, the actual reality that took place was you accidentally put your homework in the bin while cleaning your room. What is true is what actually happened regardless of what people would think or say. 

The ultimate truth of this universe is found in Jesus Christ. He is the truth, and He has made known His truth in the Holy Scriptures. What Jesus says and what the Bible says is the actual reality of the universe. It is the actual reality of our existence and the actual reality concerning God and His attributes. Apart from the Word of God, there are only lies. 

Satan is the father of lies. He wants us to believe in lies. And because of that, he wants to keep us from the truth. If we do not diligently study and learn the truth, our minds will only be filled with sinful human thoughts. We will have no strength whatsoever to fight our spiritual battle, and the devil will surely confuse us with his lies on the get-go. 

You and I must indulge ourselves in studying the truth of the Word of God. We find doctrine and theology dull and unattractive. We only like sermons that are applicable and relatable in nature. We think studying the scriptures is only for pastors and older men. We even don’t have the motivation to read our Bibles thoroughly all the way from Genesis to Revelation. Without renewed minds in the truth, how are we meant to stand against Satan’s lies?

The truth is the grounds of our defence. Our minds must be fixated in the truth, and the truth must change us. How much do we understand the reality of creation, fall, redemption, consummation? How much do we know God and His Holiness, His love, His wrath? How well versed are we in the doctrines of election, predestination and sovereignty? Of Christology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology, just to name a few? Do we know of our enemy, the devil? Do we know how he fights and why he fights? 

All these truths are the actual reality of our life! Without them, we cannot stand, and we live only in the imaginations of our corrupt minds. We need a generation of young people who are zealous for the truth. You and I must be firmly grounded in the truth, and our convictions must be set as hard as stone in the reality of Scriptures. Without that, there is no spiritual maturity, and without that, we are like spiritual jellyfish. We have no backbone and are swayed to and fro by our own feelings, our own lies we believe, and the lies of the world surrounding us. 

Studying, learning and engaging with the truth is very applicable to our lives today. Worldly lies hit us every day at school. How are we meant to stand unless we are grounded in the truth? 

Resources to learn the truth are all around us. First, start with your own Bible. Have you ever read it cover to cover? If not, start today. There are Bible study books widely available. There are many good online resources and sermons literally everywhere. There is sound preaching at a sound church you must sit under. The opportunities are endless. We must equip ourselves and set our stance in the truth of the Word of God. Will you join me?

Lord, please forgive us because we lack concern for Your truth. We do not love Your Word; we do not love our Bibles. Please strengthen us and plant in us a holy zeal and love to know Your truth. Thank You for the actual reality of Christ’s sacrifice for our sins. Bring us to understand and to know even deeper about who You are and the reality of Your truth for our lives. We cannot know You unless You reveal Yourself to us. Please have mercy on us and raise a young generation of Christians who are firmly planted in Your Word and are able to give glory to You in this temporary life. Thank You, God. In Jesus name, amen. 

Hans Sangtoki (18) is the coordinator of RE Generation Z. He has a passion for serving his generation and sharing hope in Christ. He also has an interest in classical music and dreams of conducting an orchestra one day.

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