Perfect Imperfection

7 June 2021

Teenagers face many struggles in our lives. I surveyed around 100 teens with results showing many problems, some even thinking of suicide or self-harm! We often see ourselves as ‘imperfect’, but forget that God has a perfect plan for us.

Death Is Not The End

31 May 2021

It’s a reality that is sadly true in the teen’s world. A reality where we go off and do what we want for ourselves. Things like going out, partying, ‘having fun’ but with no purpose, only a purpose for seeking

Truth or Feelings?

24 May 2021

“So, what’s more important; the truth or feelings?” my homeroom teacher asked as a news report came up on the big screen titled: “I’ve gone back to being a child”: Husband and father-of-seven, 52, leaves his wife and kids to

Moving Forwards ’til the End

17 May 2021

Every person on this earth has their own individual set of struggles. We all come across hardships, but what is it that pushes us through to the other end? There is no doubt that perseverance is a must if we

The Things of Earth

10 May 2021

Every year, for fourteen years, my parents would take me to Indonesia over the summer holidays. One of my highlights of this annual holiday was going to the Momentum Christian bookstore there. I had enjoyed the warmth of this store

Training for Life’s Race

3 May 2021

As the sun beat down onto the flattened grass path, the long-awaited runner finally came into view in the distance. Her sweat drenched hair was flattened against her head, and the beads of perspiration on her forehead glinted in the

Sooner Than Later

26 April 2021

How quick does it feel? The first week of school is over, and the second one is right in front of you. Sooner than later, holidays are just around the corner. It all feels short, and the time we have

Pit of Lies

19 April 2021

“You will never be good enough. Compared to everyone you are nothing. You are talentless. You are worthless. You are dumb, stupid and an idiot. You are just a waste of space, no one needs you here and no one

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